Wednesday, February 11, 2009

80 GB (!!) External Hard-Drive from Mandatory Blog!!

This red-hot little external hard-drive beauty is being RE-GIFTED by Mandatory Blog! The contest of course HAD to ask what our worst re-gifts or gifts were, and I of course had to tell my woes with my Grandmother's ratty stuffed-animal presents she hands out EVERY holiday. To EVERYONE. It's like she has an endless supply! Anyways, an external hard-drive is JUST the thing I need to start storing up my new-found life memories (I've stopped blogging for a while because of my recent engagement, and the stress because of said engagement). Great prize, funny contest!

You can check out the contest and the blog by following this link:

Go go me!

1 comment:

mandatorybloghere said...

Thanks for the link to my contest and good luck. What a nice little blog you have too! i listed you on my blog roll. Drawing is tonight!