Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mimobot Giveaway from Barefoot Mommy!!

I love collectible USBs! I already have a Mimobot design, made specially for the HBO show "Summer Heights High," and I LOVE it! It's so fun, I get tons of compliments when I carry it around campus. Anyways, Barefoot Mommy is graciously giving away a Mimobot design in MY CHOICE, and of course, I had to pick the space themed Mimobot (seen above). Hope I win!

Here is the link to the contest:

and here is a link to the Mimobot site!!

Win win!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zenses Giveaway from Tara's View of The World!

Even the opening sequence of Zenses is relaxing...I hope it does wonders for me! :) I've also heard that the soundtrack of this fun, mini-game driven DS game is pretty incredible, too. Maybe I can use it to fall asleep at night, haha! Tara's View of the World (awesome blog, adorable layout) is giving away a Zenses DS game to one lucky winner! I hope that it will be me, this is exactly the kind of game I would just DEVOUR! :)

Here is a link to her contest and her awesome blog!!

Zenses Giveaway (Of COURSE) from All Because Two People Fell in Love!!

At the All Because Two People Fell in Love Blog, a difficult choice had to be made. One of the hardest choices I've made in a lifetime: would I prefer the Zenses: Ocean, or Zenses: Rainforest?? It took a lot of random thinking to decide that perhaps the Ocean is the most relaxing place in real life, and therefore would make a better, more relaxing game. Am I wrong? I must also add, however, that I've never even BEEN to a rainforest, so how could I possibly know which place is more relaxing? I'm basing my knowledge on assumptions!!

Anyways, All Because Two People Fell in Love is being VERY generous indeed in giving away the Zenses DS game, which I'm desperately hoping to win! Maybe this Christmas will end happily, haha, and not on a note of utter stress!!

You can check out the All Because Two People Fell in Love blog right here, as well as the contest:

Two Zenses Games Giveaway at The Power of Housewife!!

Both Zenses: Ocean and Zenses: Rainforest are being given away at The Power of Housewife Blog (awesome name, I know). And because I've been dedicated to finding these awesome blogs giving away the Zenses games, I am only more excited to see that BOTH Ocean and Rainforest will be given a 2-for-1! :) This game will hopefully be a helpful tool for relaxation after such an incredibly stressful holiday season! Thanks so much, Power of Housewife!!

Here is a link to the contest, and a little more about the Zenses games:

Go me!

Zenses Giveaway from Mom's Take On Things!!

If you don't know the history of my portable Nintendo obsessions, you ought to. I've owned every variety of Game Boy since their birth, and of course jumped all over the exciting and adorable DS. All of my favorite titles have been put out on that little DS, it has been well-loved. One of my favorite games has been Cooking Mama, which is a mini-game style similar to the Zenses series! That's why I'd really love to win the Zenses Rainforest or Ocean games, and hopefully Mom's Take on Things can make my wishes come true!!

Here is a link to the contest, the blog, and a review of the game:

Another Zenses Giveaway from Maria's Space!!

...By this point, I'm pretty sure Zenses is having a MAJOR promotion. Therefore, it is my job to plug every single blog hosting the Zenses DS Game Giveaway, in hopes to better increase my chances to win this awesome prize AND give props to the blogging peeps who support it! I can't decide whether or not Zenses Ocean or Rainforest sound more awesome to me...hmm, I'm very relaxed at the beach, but I can't say I've ever REALLY been to a rainforest, unless you count the San Diego Zoo. Whatev, I hope I win either way! :)

Here is a link to the awesome Maria's Space blog and giveaway:

BOTH Zenses Ocean and Rainforest Giveaway from Chocolate Fingerprints!!

Yes! Another chance to win the Zenses DS game, but this time the Rainforest AND Ocean edition!! I've been interested in playing these games ever since I saw the strangely sci-fi esque commercials. As a HUGE DS player, I especially love DS games geared for fun mini games. They make great games to play if I'm waiting for something, like a class, etc. You can just pick them up and play! Apparently, these games are DESIGNED to sooth the mind. I'd like to see this happen--every time I play a DS game, I get WAY stressed out trying to beat it! What an awesome giveaway, it seems like it's tailored just for me!

Here is a link to Chocolate Fingerprints Giveaway:

And here is a link to Zenses, if you want to see what I'm talking about:

Tamar's Techipedia Camping Set Giveaway!!

Camping. That's right. This is one of the more unusual contests I've ever entered: it's giving away the gift of camping. Tamar's blog from Techipedia is giving away three sets of different prize packages: one family set, one camping set, and one beauty/spa set. While the spa set looked nice, there was only one and one prize alone for can guess what that is. I've always wanted to get my own tent and do my own camping--my family has been doing it since I was a kid, and now I have the chance to pack up and go with items in this prize that include an actual tent, sleeping bag, cooler, grill, and BBQ gift set. Dreams come true!

You can go check out the contest and the other prizes, as well as the blog, here through this link:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Princess Debut" DS Game Giveaway on Thrifty Jinxy!!

Crazy, psycho, insane, but somehow lovable DS gamer ME is going WILD for this giveaway! I saw this game the other day in Gamestop (because of course, I browse there like a vulture all the time!) and I knew this would satisfy my weird need for cutesy DS gaming action! Over break, I've probably played hundreds of hours of Cooking Mama 2! And that's only one of the games I enjoy!

Anyways, Thrifty Jinxy is again blowing my mind with another giveaway I am oneday destined to win! Thanks so much, Thrifty, you know exactly the way to my little dorky heart! :)

Here is a link to the contest and the blog:

I need the luck of the Irish today!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

$50 To Layers Clothing from The Lethally Blonde Diary!!

I've always been a fan of Layers Clothing since I found out about it from other blogs I'd been reading--they have elegant pieces of clothing that are vintage inspired--but a little updated to become totally wearable pieces. I especially love their dresses and skirts; if I had a choice, I would never wear pants again! The only issue is of course I am a little reluctant to spend more than 50-60 bucks on a dress; I'm a poor college student!

Thanks to The Lethally Blonde Diary, I have a chance to win 50$ towards Layers Clothing, meaning anything in their site is now affordable on my budget! This is an awesome giveaway, and I'm glad to see so many blogs showing the love to these online sellers I worship!, Thanks, LBD!

Here is a link to the contest and the Lethally Blonde Diary:

and HERE is a link to Layers Clothing:

Win win win!!

$10 Ipod Gift Cards from Momsational!!

Whenever I'm at home for the holidays, I spent TONS of time using the fast internet to download music from Itunes! A 10$ giftcard goes a long way with me--it means whenever i have a whim to buy a song here or there, I can! :) What a great early-Christmas present! Anyways, the nice folks from Ciao and Momsational Blog are giving away a few of these, and I certainly hope I land one of these awesome prizes!

Here is a link to the blog, the contest, and other fun stuff from Momsational:

Go me! Thanks, Momsational!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara Giveaway from My Quest for Sanity!!

I'm always looking to try awesome new makeup products, but especially, new mascaras! Mascara has got to be my all-time number one item of makeup--it's so easy to apply, and the difference is HUGE. I feel naked without it, and of course, I would never go outdoors! Not even to get the mail! Blinc's Kiss Me Mascara looks GREAT, so chic, and I can't wait to try it out! Lucky for me, My Quest For sanity is giving a tube away!!

Here is a link to the blog, the contest, and some other links to Blic Products:

Hope I win!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thrifty Jinxy Aelisheva Artisan Dresses Giveaway!

Isn't this Black Dress to DIE for? I know, I'm dying as I'm typing! Well, one lucky winner preferably me, will win this dress from the Thrifty Jinxy Blog!! These dresses by Aelisheva are all so unique and beautiful--makes me want the whole collection! I would never normally spend about 120 on a dress, so this would be a wonderful treat for me!

You can check out the blog, Aelisheva, and the contest all from this little link here:

Go me, go me!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mustura Giveaway from Thrifty Jinxy!!

I know what you're thinking. This woman is beauty product OBSESSED. And while that is basically true, I can justify myself as being SUPER curious about new, fun products. Take this 6-in-1 beauty set from Mistura, for example. I'm DYING to try it, and now my curious habit can be fueled by the Thrifty Jinxy blog...a blog just GIVING this away! I hope I win. For shizzle. This prize looks awesome, and would be a great treat for me!

Here is a link to the contest and product review:

Modish 3 Days of Giveaways!! DAY TWO!!

Day Two of the giveaway, and I've just caught on tonight! Like I've mentioned before, this is probably the best giveaway from Etsy I've ever seen--over 700 dollars in beautiful, handmade items that I would just die for! The main differences between Day One and Day Two of this contest (besides, obviously, different vendors and items) seems to be the color scheme! Here on Day Two, we can see lovely shades of blue and turquoise on just about all of the items. Which day would I like to win more? Let's leave that up to fate, shall we??

I really hope I win!

Here is a link to the contest and the vendors on Etsy, go check it out:

Modish 3 Days of Giveaways!!

Huge picture. HUGE giveaway. Seriously, folks, the best giveaway from Etsy I've ever seen. SO SO many cute artists, jewelry makers, and crafters compiled together in one beautiful Modish Blog Contest that I went head-over-heels for from the moment I learned. Over 700 dollars worth of handmade, priceless prizes! And I want ALL of it for me! :) This is Day One of the three day giveaway, which I will most likely ALSO be writing about on my other blogs and social networks. I really hope I win one! Crossing my fingers!

Here is a link to the contest, the blog, and all of the awesome vendors:

Not-So-Blog AVON Botanicals Giveaway!

Natural, scent-free, and totally lust-inducing, I'm all in for the Liiv Botanical line from Avon. Lucky for me, the Not-S0-Blog is giving away five products from this line, so I can get my Avon fancy fix without having to pay the Avon price. (It's not REALLY that expensive, I know, but give me a break, people--I'm in COLLEGE!) I really hope I win this--it would be a special pre-Christmas treat before the holidays get TOO crazy!

Here is a link to the giveaway, review, and blog that is hosting it all:


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mario Batali's Sack Lunch Giveaway from My Wooden Spoon!

You may or may not know, but I'm trying to cook. For real, seriously, starting to cook. I watch Food Network now for REAL, not just to make myself hungry. That's why this prize from wooden spoon is so amazing: a gift set of Mario Batali items: lunch bag, bowls, pinch bowls, pot holders, etc. Everything I would need to start out it my new kitchen, which I'll be getting soon! What an awesome prize set!

Here is a link to the blog and the giveaway:

I really hope I win!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Avon Liiv Botanicals Giveaway from Wendi's Impressions!

Going green, going green! It's the season for me to cross my fingers and hopefully win some wonderful beauty products from Avon. Liiv Botanicals is a new collection in this chic, chic green color, with natural scents, etc. What a great collection to win, I've been hoping to try some more natural products on my face, and I haven't been able to afford something as fancy pantsy as Avon!

Here is the link to Wendi's blog and the contest:

Go for the gold!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh How Lovely Blog Etsy Giveaway SUPREME!

15 Handmade items. 15 Different Etsy Shops. Only one winner. Oh How Lovely is hosting a MASSIVE Christmas giveaway that includes the items you see above, all from my favorite website on the planet, ETSY. I think this would basically cover any wish I've ever made in my life. EVER. This is the cream de la cream (sp?) of giveaways, and I can't wait to see who the lucky winner is! Particularly if it's me! If there was a Saint of Contests, I'd be all over that!

Here is a link to the great Etsy shops providing, the contest, and the Oh How Lovely blog:

Go me, go me!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amala Beauty Products Giveaway from Fig+Sage!!

Don't these products just look scrumptious? This brand of Amala skin care is completely organic, and I'm starting to really covet the travel pack being given away by the awesomely generous Fig+Sage blog! The blog says that these products will Purify, Hydrate, and Rejuvenate...sounds like something I really need right now! A little mini spa for myself! I hope I win this one, what a great way to start the holiday season!

Here is a link to the contest:

And here is the link to the website where the products are sold:

Go me!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Glowology from Busy Mom Contests!

A set of these fine products from Glowology can be found at Neiman Marcus for about 150 bucks..or it can be WON with a little luck from Busy Mom Contests! I'm hoping to get the win for this, this would make a beautiful gift for my mother, who really ought to be using fancier things than whatever had a red-tag at Target.

Here is a link to the contest, with other links to the products you can check out:

Go me!

WON! POCKET BUDDHAS from A Wresting Addicted Mommy Blog Giveaway!

EDIT: I won this prize!! WOOO! I'm so excited!!!

This whole set of adorable Buddhas is up for grabs on A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's blog! These are great for a few reasons: firstly, these would make KILLER Christmas gifts for tons of people I know who'd enjoy them, and ALSO, they'd make wonderful little decorations for me! I really hope I win, these are just to die for. So many sweet colors!

Here is a link to the contest:

And here is a link to the website that sells them:

Hope I win!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

19Moons giveaway from Your Impact Matters Blog!

I don't know if you guys KNOW this right now, but I am head over heels with Steampunk Creations, particularly from So many adorable pieces, and every one of them unique and beautiful and all of the above! So of course, I freaked out when I saw this giveaway from the Steampunk Key Brooch from 19Moons--um, favorite peice of MY LIFE? I think yes. Anyways, Your Impact Matters is giving away one of these, so here goes nothing! I'm looking for a four-leafed clover out of this finals week!

Here is a link to the contest:


Here is the 19moons Shop, filled with all kinds of Steampunk goodies:

Simple Finds Dress Giveaway!

Check out that DRESS!

Alright, gorgeous, I know. I have the chance to win this from the ultra-cool blog, Simple Finds! I'm dying, when does anyone just GIVE away an awesome outfit??! I hope I win this one, I need something nice I can wear with a coat this Christmas. Not like SoCal gets cold, so I can probably get away with wearing this with my gray wool stockings. SO CUTE. I'm being blinded!

Here is the contest on the Simply Finds Blog:

And Here is the website where this dress sits, waiting for me!

Crossing my little fingers!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seven Dogs and a Baby Pillsbury Give-Away!

Look how sweet this little set is! Perfect for a noob like me, living in the dorms--I need to start stocking up on cooking goods for when I get my own place this coming year! This is a wonderful giveaway from a great blog, Seven Dogs and a Baby. Two words: puff. pastries. I really hope I win, this is so fun!

Here is a link to the contest and the blog:

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jelly Pong Pong Giveaway from Superdumb Supervillain!

Sometimes I think all I really want is some new makeup to make me happy. And while the trip to scour Target can be fun...I'm starting to really fall in love with this GOURMET stuff. One such example is the cutesy and awesome sounding makeup collection from Jelly Pong Pong--did I hear it was ITALIAN? So adorable, I've been roaming the site all morning. Lucky for me, Superdumb Supervillain is giving away a whole little collection of products from the site! OMG. Yes. I know, I'm crossing my fingers and doing the lucky dance!

Here is a link to the Jelly Pong Pong Website:

And HERE is the link to the Superdumb Supervillain blog and contest:

Totally awesome, I KNOW!

tea party

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fabulous Fun Finds! Shameless plugging!

So many cute contests, tons of clothing stores I've never heard of...It's time to plug and give a high-five to this site!!


Fabulous Fun Finds Featured Item

Saturday, November 22, 2008

DirtTamer Give-Away from Red Sox Mommy!

Things get REALLY gross in the dorms, and I've been looking for something just like this to add to my endless obsession with cleanliness. (It's not you, it's the DIRT!) The DirtTamer Supreme® V2400 is a cordless vacuum that is made to do magic, and this would be just perfect as a little Christmas gift to myself. I can think of five-hundred ways to use it right NOW. Anyways, I'm in it to win it with this contest, and I'm crossing my fingers in the name of clean!

Here is a link to the contest and Red Sox Mommy's blog:

There are also links right on her page to other vacuum products from Wieman. Hope I win!

Mary Kay Giveaway from Complete and Utter Chaos!

I'm in it to win it when it comes to beauty products, especially with a set as awesome and all-inclusive as this. I have a pretty brief facial routine in the morning--a good face-wash followed by some sunscreen/moisturizer, but I need to step it up a notch as I get older, and get into a more "womanly" routine. What could be a better win than this, from the blog Complete and Utter Chaos?

Here is a link to the contest and a description of the AMAZING prize package:

Crossing my fingers, putting coins in fountains, holding my breath, all of that jazz to win!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Awakening Skin-Care Giveaway from Champagne Living!!

I'd never heard of Awakening Skin Care before, but after reading an amazing review from Champagne Living, I'm seriously lustful for this gift set of products! This collections of creams and masks would be a like a little mini-spa in my dorm room--lordy knows I deserve it, trudging around campus all day, getting deep frowning lines! I really hope I win this prize, it sounds like a little vacation for me!

Here is a link to the giveaway, blog, and a little review from Champagne Living:

and Here is the link to the website, where you can check out all of the awesome products:

Crossing my little fingers!

$25 AMC Giveaway from Grocery Price Blog!

There are a ton of movies I'd love to go see this upcoming Christmas Break, and $25 dollars for the movies would be a perfect win! What's that new Philip Seymore Hoffman movie? Yeah, I'm totally going to see that. What could be more useful than this!? I really hope I get it, I know there are a lot of entrants! :)

Here is the link to the contest:

Go me!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sony Cybershot Camera win from Ciao and Mommy's Idea!

Many of you may know that I don't have a camera--and the last one I got was a present on my 16th birthday...yeah, I know! I was really excited to see this contest from Mommy's Idea blog--all you have to do is check out Ciao, which I've already done, and write a review for an extra entry. I already love Ciao because reading reviews (and making some of my own) are really fun. I hope I win this camera--I could put it to SUCH good use around here! :)

Here is a link to the blog and the contest:

And here is a link to Ciao:

And HERE finally is a link to my review of the Nintendo DS:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So a Blonde Walks Into a Review Pillsbury Giveaway!

I'm sorry, but I can never have self control as long as Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls are around. So a Blonde Walks Into a Review is hosting one of the most magical, tear-inducing contests of my life: a giveaway for coupons to buy, you guessed it, Pillsbury products. Do I want to win? Do you even have to ask?

Here is a link to the contest and the review of Pillsbury products:

and Here is a link to the Pillsbury website:

GAH! I'm hungry!

Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis™ GOLD Advanced Cellular Radiance Give-Away!

See that? That's the most magical looking facial creme I've never seen. Or heard about. It's Elizabeth Grant's special recipe for beauty...worth a little trifle of, oh, 300$! I'm so excited for this contest, it's been given away by Bookroomreviews--and they even cite CLEOPATRA's beauty as the inspiration for this.

Come on, mama needs a brand new face!

Here is the link to the contest:

and Here is the link to Elizabeth Grant's cite, with her magical gold-jar products:

Omigod. I REALLY want to win.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zenses DS Prize from Seven Dogs and a Baby!

I'm really, REALLY curious about this game, and have been ever since I first heard about it. Zenses is a game designed to relax you and stimulate your mind--I'm doubtful, games usually stress me the heck out! But I love to play anyways...for some reason. What a wonderful giveaway from Seven Dogs and a Baby--this would be a really fun win, and I hope I get it!

Here is the link to the contest, where you can read all about it:

Crossing my fingers, this would make my day!

Mamamio Boob Tube from Bookroom Reviews

I've never seen anything like this before--let me just put it this way "Boob Tube has been heralded by Redbook Magazine as 'a push up bra in a cream.'" That sounds...strangely awesome. Who wouldn't want to try it?! Anyways, this is being given away on Bookroom Reviews, and I hope I win, I'd like to witness this miracle first hand!

Here is a link to the contest:

and Here is a link to the website where you can buy it:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kerry Beary Prize from Centsible Mommy!

Wouldn't this look! This is an awesome contest from Centsible Mommy, where artist Keary Berry is giving away this piece of cute pop-art. How fun is this? I'm already planning a whole room around it. Seriously.

You can find a link to the contest here:

AND a link to the artist on Etsy here:

I hope I win this!

The New Writer's Handbook Volume 2 from PussReboots!

This a prize made especially for me, I'm positive. A writer's handbook, given out by a fellow writer struggling with their NaNo WriMo--I'm struggling right along, too! What a fun win--I've never had a good "Writer's Handbook" before, so if I win, I'll be interested to soak up all the information!

Does anyone remember the movie "A Knights' Tale?" Remember when Chaucer announces "I'm a writer"? Yeah, I totally announce that all the time. In a British accent. I'm a writer!

Here is the link to the contest:

A Soulful Giveaway from

I have a chance to win these fantastically adorable Ipod speakers, as well as the new Seal Album titled "Soul". What a great collection of prizes, music and the player with which to blast it! :) You can also enter this contest here:

I hope I win this one, the only speakers I use are the ones inside of my crappy laptop! :) Go Seal and iPods!

Peanut Butter & Pickle Blog Giveaway: Felt Sugar Cookies by Ginger Blossom

What a cute win--I know exactly who I'd give this to as a gift for Christmas--it's so sweet and fun, a super creative idea. Felt sugar cookies, come on! Awesome!

Here is the link to the contest, which also includes the link to Ginger Blossom:

"Pink Lemonade's Fall Fling / Blogaversary Giveaways - Week 12 - Blue Planet Kids & Ciao Bella"

Wow--this is probably one of the cutest things I've seen--a prize pack of Badger Balm and a delicious Soy Candle in such cute packaging. Both of these things are great--I can make my dorm smell awesome, AND I can use the balm to help get rid of painful wind-burned lips. I love it!

I really hope I win this one, you can find the contest on The Pink Lemonade of Life Blog here:

Such a fun blog!

Pillsbury Gift Basket!

There's nothing more delicious or fun than Pillsbury cookies or biscuits, so when I saw this prize, I flipped. Living at a dorm, I don't have any tools for baking--so this would be a great way to make treats without having to go out and gather an army of things. And the figure is SO cute--what a great prize!

Here is the link to the give-away:

and here is the link to the Pillsbury website, so you can become HUNGRY:


I've only started sweeping this year--heck, this MONTH. Most contests are BLOG contests, and simply all of them use I decided, why not? Follow some blogs, mention some good ones here, and have some fun! :)

Visit often and regularly for some really good contests!