Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BOTH Zenses Ocean and Rainforest Giveaway from Chocolate Fingerprints!!

Yes! Another chance to win the Zenses DS game, but this time the Rainforest AND Ocean edition!! I've been interested in playing these games ever since I saw the strangely sci-fi esque commercials. As a HUGE DS player, I especially love DS games geared for fun mini games. They make great games to play if I'm waiting for something, like a class, etc. You can just pick them up and play! Apparently, these games are DESIGNED to sooth the mind. I'd like to see this happen--every time I play a DS game, I get WAY stressed out trying to beat it! What an awesome giveaway, it seems like it's tailored just for me!

Here is a link to Chocolate Fingerprints Giveaway:

And here is a link to Zenses, if you want to see what I'm talking about:

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Andrea McMann said...

Hi Jenifer,
Thanks for helping me promote my giveaway! I can see how much you'd like to win these games! :)

Good luck!