Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zenses Giveaway (Of COURSE) from All Because Two People Fell in Love!!

At the All Because Two People Fell in Love Blog, a difficult choice had to be made. One of the hardest choices I've made in a lifetime: would I prefer the Zenses: Ocean, or Zenses: Rainforest?? It took a lot of random thinking to decide that perhaps the Ocean is the most relaxing place in real life, and therefore would make a better, more relaxing game. Am I wrong? I must also add, however, that I've never even BEEN to a rainforest, so how could I possibly know which place is more relaxing? I'm basing my knowledge on assumptions!!

Anyways, All Because Two People Fell in Love is being VERY generous indeed in giving away the Zenses DS game, which I'm desperately hoping to win! Maybe this Christmas will end happily, haha, and not on a note of utter stress!!

You can check out the All Because Two People Fell in Love blog right here, as well as the contest:

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Stacey Moore said...

thanks so much for listing our giveaway!
thanks so much and happy holidays!